Health Problem

Since ancient times, astrology and the horoscope have been used to track health problems and find ways to solve them. It is usually called medical astrology, or with a traditional term Iatromathematics (the math of curing).

Your horoscope gives several clues to your health and what you might do to improve problems you may have with it. There are four major factors at work in the horoscope, also when it comes to health indicators: the what, how, where, and why: Planets and similar points in the horoscope show what happens, what active power is at work.

Our Solutions

Husband & Wife Problem

A adage is very common that clap is not made with a single hand, it is done by two hands, equivalently Husband Wife relation is working.

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Black Magic Remedies

Sri Sai Upasak has more than 45 years experience in how to remove Black Magic and Dark Energy.

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Financial Problems

Simple remedy of financial problems in occult science, Importance of money in life, Different types of financial problems in life, Astrology.

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Family Problem

Sun represent father, moon mother, Mars and Mercury younger brother and sisters and Jupiter elder brother.

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Education and Career Problem

The planets in your horoscope, or birth chart, indicate the type of education and profession that could suit you best.

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Love Marriage

One of the most common questions that an astrologer is asked is: Will I be able to marry the person I love.

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